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Podcasts are booming. In America, 104 million adults listen to them every month, up 16% in the past year. And listeners are making more time for podcasts than ever; in the past six years, spoken-word audio consumption has risen by 30%. Plus, spoken-word audio is a powerful, flexible medium that can support and enhance your existing work and creativity.

Whether you're looking to build a bigger following, connect with customers or employees, or just get your story out there, podcasts should be part of your plan. And even if you have no experience with podcasting, BumbleCast can help.
Ready to make a great podcast?
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How does BumbleCast help you
realize your podcasting goals?
Market-leading expertise
Running a successful podcast is a lot more complicated than uploading an MP3 and waiting for the downloads to roll in. We'll teach you the cutting-edge best practices from the podcast industry, built on years of experience and encompassing every aspect of production.
Personalized service
The first step after you fill out one of our surveys is a one-hour virtual consultation meeting about your specific podcasting goals, or your company's. Shortly after the meeting, you'll receive a game plan: Action items, competitive research, and an estimated budget and timeline.
Continuous support
Until your project is done, we'll be there to help. You'll receive priority access to our meeting calendar and regular check-in invitations to reconvene and clear any hurdles that stand in your way. If you're integrating a podcast with pre-existing marketing, PR, or other operations, we'll bend over backwards to make that happen smoothly.
Flexible project length
Need a little help? Book consultation meetings by the hour. Need more help? Book BumbleCast's services for 15-hour or 30-hour weekly contracts and receive up to 20% off our standard hourly rate.
Special rates available
We believe in economic justice and supporting non-profits and other organizations that are making the world better. That's why we offer discounted consulting rates to educational organizations, non-profits, and independent creators who identify as belonging to one or more of the following groups: Women, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, people over the age of 60, Black/Indigenous/People of Color, military veterans, and/or people with physical or mental disabilities.
We can help you with ...
BumbleCast has the skills, tools, and insights to guide you through any or all of these tricky subjects. Need something else? Just ask!
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  • Audio editing
  • Descriptions and show notes
  • How to interview someone
  • Pitching and booking guests
  • Reporting and sound-gathering
  • Show development
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  • Advertising
  • Donations and subscriptions
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Marketing and branding
  • Social media
  • Time management
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  • Buying equipment
  • Home studios
  • Microphone technique
  • Outdoor and live tapings
  • Recording during COVID
  • Website design
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Not sure yet if a podcast is right for you or your organization? Email us and we'll help you decide. contact@bumblecast.fm
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