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"I was about to start a podcast and I had no idea what I was doing. Our conversation really helped me understand what it took."
Alex Kantrowitz
"Eric at BumbleCast helped me shape my show, my interviews, and even how I organize my research. In brief, concentrated sessions, Eric is present, well-prepared, and able to relay high-quality advice."
Austen Camille
Producer and Host, Our Shared Field
"It was fantastic to hear, this is how a professional approaches her job, these are the things to think about when you're producing an episode."
Irena Hwang
Co-producer, MIT Catalysts
Follow Friday

We all follow people online ... but who do they follow? Every week on Follow Friday, we sit down with popular writers, podcasters, comedians, and other internet creators to find out. Guests have included Avery Trufelman (The Cut), Alie Ward (Ologies), and Kevin Roose (The New York Times).

Follow Friday is the first original podcast from BumbleCast. Learn more and listen to the show at FollowFridayPodcast.com.
The title of the podcast, "Follow Friday," and an illustration of ducklings following their mother.
BumbleCast founder Eric Johnson worked on these shows before starting the company. In 2019, the show he produced for nearly all of its five-year run — Recode Decode with Kara Swisher — was named Podcast of the Year by Adweek.

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